FLORAPPS is a leading provider of software and systems for the mobile market. Our customers provide great services for millions of subscribers using FLORAPPS–s Technology. FLORAPPS is committed to be partner-of-choice in providing productized solutions and services that make our customer–s business smarter to unleash the value of their network. For the last 8 years, FLORAPPS has provided a wide variety of industry solutions for mobile operators and other large-scale business.

  • Mobile Operators Solutions

    End-To-End solutions that includes backend servers, multi-platform clients, customer systems integration, billing, and full hands-on maintenance. Sample services: Cell Broadcast, RBT systems,
    Content Platforms (e.g. app store/music/books/movies).

  • Mobile Apps

    Operating a unique approach for developing IOS & Android apps. Using cutting-edge technologies, viral features, smooth behavior, fast deployments and on-going statistics.

  • Digital Content Experts

    content oriented software solutions. Vas experience with digital books, audio & video fast downloads and streaming, DRM, embedded native and web-based content players.

  • Out of the box solutions

    Enterprise-based social apps, intuitive admin UIs, proprietary collaborating-filtering recommendation algorithm.


It always starts from a small and brilliant idea...






System concept development– defining the scope or boundary of the concepts. Creating Systems Boundary document, Cost benefit analysis, Risk management plan and Feasibility Study.

Planning– Developing a project management plan and other planning documents. Providing the basis for acquiring the resources needed to achieve a solution.








Requirements Analyses– Analyzing user needs and development user requirements. Creating a detailed Functional Requirements Document.

Design– Transforming detailed requirements into complete, detailed System Design Document that focuses on how to deliver the required functionality.




Development– converting a design into a complete information system includes acquiring and installing systems environment; creating and testing databases, preparing test case procedures; preparing test files, coding, compiling, refining programs; performing test readiness review and procurement activities.

Integration and Test – Demonstrating that developed system conforms to requirements as specified in the Functional Requirements document. Conducted by Quality Assurance staff and users. Produces Test Analysis Reports.




Implementation- Includes implementation preparation, implementation of the system into a production environment, and resolution of problems identified in the integration and test phases.
Operation and Maintenance– Describes tasks to operate and maintain information systems in a production environment. Includes post-implementation and in-process reviews




  • Comverse

    Comverse is a leading global provider of telecom business solutions that enable communication service provider success in the hyper-connected world.

  • Partner

    Partner Communications Company Ltd. (operating under the Orangebrand name) is a mobile network operator, internet Wi-Fi and fixed telephonyservice provider in Israel.

  • Pelephone

    Pelephone is an Israeli-based telecommunications company, founded in 1986 as a joint venture between Motorola and Tadiran, today owned by Bezeq. It was the first company to offer mobile phone services in Israel.

  • Cellcom

    Cellcom is Israel's largesttelecommunications company.[2] Founded in 1994, most of the company's business is centered on wireless service. Cellcom was the first to marketmobile phones with Hebrew language menus.

  • Cinema-City

    Cinema City International N.V. is the largest cinema operator in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Israel and the third largest cinema operator in all of Europe. The Company operates 99 multiplexes with a total of 966 screens.

  • FOX International Channels

    FOX International Channels (FIC) is 21st Century Fox's international multi-media business. It produces and distributes 300+ entertainment, sports, factual and movie channels in 45 language.s

  • Herbalife

    Herbalife International is an American multi-level marketing company that develops, markets and sells nutrition, weight management and skin-care products globally.

  • Time To Know

    Time To Know is an education technology program, that started as a philanthropic project in Israel in 2005, by Shmuel Meitar and Morris Kahn from the Aurec Group, who were the founders of Amdocs, a software company that specializes in customer care and billing systems for the telecom industry.